Why Choose PVH

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Why Choose Portage Valley Hearing, LLC for Your Hearing Healthcare Needs?

  • Our largest referral source is by word of mouth advertising from area physicians, current patients, and their families. Physicians refer patients of all ages to Dr. Krukemyer for diagnostic hearing evaluations.
  • Portage Valley Hearing, LLC is locally owned and operated. You are working directly with the owner of the practice, Dr. Rebecca Krukemyer. This ensures that your concerns are handled directly by the decision maker. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance, as a small business cannot remain in business with a poor reputation.
  • Portage Valley Hearing, LLC offers fair and honest pricing everyday. You’re not going to find that the instrument that you purchased today is “On Sale” next week for $1000 less. We strive to keep our overhead streamlined, which is reflected in our pricing. When comparing apples to apples you will find that our pricing is very competitive. However, when you consider the benefits of a professional staff offering a high level of customer service, we offer greater value.
  • We offer a variety of payment options including no interest financing and long term financing on purchases for 2,3,4 and 5 years.
  • When you choose Portage Valley Hearing, LLC your diagnostic evaluation and treatment is performed by a Doctor of Audiology. Audiologists in Ohio hold a Masters Degree in Audiology (M.S or M.A) and some also hold a Doctorate in Audiology (Au.D. or Ph.D.). In the state of Ohio, the laws are lax for who can sell hearing aids. Last week’s used car salesman can begin selling hearing aids this week. Many hearing aids dealers receive their “training” on the job, at the consumers’ expense. Ironically, franchises that utilize the practice of training on the job also charge the most for their hearing instruments.
  • Your follow up visits will be taken care of by the same audiologist as your first visit. Unlike larger corporations that experience a high turnover of personnel, at Portage Valley Hearing, LLC your needs are addressed by the same person every time, ensuring a high level of expertise as well as continuity of care.
  • Regardless of the technology level that you choose, whether budget friendly or top of the line, we only offer high quality products from leading manufacturers. We do not believe in sacrificing quality by offering cheap products.
  • We are not a franchise, and therefore we are not limited to just one manufacturer. We are able to offer quality products from a variety of manufacturers. Experience has shown that one manufacturer does not meet the needs of all patients. In addition, if a particular company does not consistently perform as expected, their use can be discontinued at any time. This gives us the leverage to demand quality.