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D. McGowan, Fremont, OH

“Dr. Krukemyer is very thorough explaining hearing aids.  She spends a lot of time testing and making sure you understand the use of the hearing aids.  She offers more services and her prices are better than most hearing aid providers.  She is GREAT!”

D. Sturdavant, Perrysburg, OH

“Dr. Krukemyer is a wonderful audiologist.  She took time to explain everything to me and I never felt rushed.  A week after picking up my hearing aids I received a call to see if I had any questions.  After two weeks I had a check up appointment to make sure everything was working properly.  Portage Valley Hearing made my journey to better hearing easy!”

D. Schneider, Fremont, OH

“I have known my hearing was marginal for some time now.  After not being able to hear a life safety device in my occupation I knew it was time to do something about it.  Portage Valley Hearing was the place for me.  Dr. Krukemyer and her staff are exceptional at their profession.  Getting these hearing aids has been life changing, and the best part is most people don’t even know I, have them in.  I recommend people go get their hearing checked often.”

D. Haskins, Northwood, OH

“It was a pleasure working with Dr. Krukemyer while learning how to use our new hearing aids and adapt to the entire experience.  She was very knowledgeable about the entire process.  Her patience and mannerisms were exceptional.  I will recommend her office in Pemberville and her professional skills to my friends!”

D. Ruggiero, Gibsonburg, OH

“Dr. Krukemyer did a fine job of checking my hearing loss and recommended a great hearing aid for my loss of hearing (near deaf in one ear).  They work GREAT!”

V. Schuerman, Pemberville, OH

“When one comes into the office one is greeted by prompt friendly response and a quick determination of what you are there for.  If it is to see the audiologist Dr. Krukemyer she is friendly but with a business approach to satisfy ones hearing problems or maybe lack of hearing problem.”

D. Alvarado, Perrysburg, OH

“Extremely qualified audiologist who thoroughly tested, educated me, and made me feel like I was listened to.  No pressure on the selection of the hearing aid offered regardless of price.  All choices were explained.  Outlined all after-purchase services offered free.”

G. Noble, Oak Harbor, OH

“I found Dr. Krukemyer and her staff to be very professional.  I was very happy with the quality of the hearing instruments and the Bluetooth system.  When I am in need of service Portage Valley Hearing is always available.  My hearing aids are very comfortable to wear.”

T. Brown, Genoa, OH

“I was very pleased with the testing and professionalism of Dr. Krukemyer.  My return visit was just as thorough as the first and the service and concerns that I like my hearing aids was very important to Dr. Krukemyer.  I’m a very pleased customer and recommend Portage Valley Hearing to anyone.”

Anonymous, Ohio

“I didn’t feel rushed out of the office.  Dr. Krukemyer spent lots of time answering questions and made me feel comfortable and confident with my hearing aids before leaving the office.”

K. Nickelsen, Woodville, OH

“Portage Valley Hearing is conveniently located near my town.  The staff are all courteous and helpful.  Dr. Krukemyer takes time to explain about hearing and hearing aids.  She makes sure you will be comfortable wearing your hearing aids.  She can quickly make adjustments when requested.  I highly recommend Portage Valley Hearing to anyone needing help hearing.”

W. Ablett, Pemberville, OH

“I would be totally lost without my hearing aids.  I put them in first thing when I get up in the morning.”

K. Stout, Fremont, OH

“I feel Portage Valley Hearing have the latest technology in testing and hearing aids!  Dr. Krukemyer gave me options based on what my needs are.  Everything was explained great.”

R. Riegle, Oregon, OH

“I think Dr. Krukemyer is very personable and takes time to talk to you.  She does not rush through things.  If you have questions she takes the time to talk to you.  She is very considerate of you.  I would recommend her to everybody who needs a hearing aid.  I think she is the best and gives you all the attention you need.  She is very knowledgeable.

D. Waterhouse, Oak Harbor, OH

“Friends had recommended Portage Valley Hearing.  I found the professional care with small-town friendliness and accessibility made dealing with my hearing loss a much less stressful experience.”

R. Boston, Findlay, OH

“I tell them how good I was treated and how I was given a loaner aid to use while mine was being made.  My hearing really got worse and I’m dependent on the aid so I can communicate with others.  I cried when my other aid quit.  Hearing is a BIG part of life and I’m glad I can rely on Dr. Krukemyer to take good care of my hearing needs.”

K. David, Wayne, OH

“Everyone in the office was very nice and cheerful.  All questions were answered every time I asked.  The price of my hearing aids was much cheaper than other places, and that was a real draw for me.  Thank you Dr. Krukemyer!”

R. Mossbarger, North Baltimore, OH

“I am so glad that I choose Portage Valley Hearing, I didn’t know what to expect going into getting hearing aids.  After taking a few simple tests she explained my hearing loss problems and what she could do to help me with my hearing.  The price was very fair compared to other people I talked to that have purchased hearing aids elsewhere.”

D. Eilrich, Fremont, OH

“My first visit was about ten years ago at the suggestion of my dad (who was a patient of Dr. Krukemyer).  At that time my hearing was slightly impaired and I decided to wait.  Now I have decided it was time to do something so I could stop saying “huh” all the time and could hear my granddaughter whisper in my ear.  Portage Valley Hearing has a professional staff and the doctor explains everything in detail.”

B. Rauch, Pemberville, OH

“If I am having problems with my hearing aids Portage Valley Hearing will always have me come in or call me right away.  I don’t have to go out of town.  The service is a great thing and close by.  They send reminders on cleaning time.  Dr. Krukemyer is very friendly along with her office staff.”

C. Abel, Gibsonburg, OH

“Dr. Krukemyer is very knowledgeable.  She takes her time to answer your questions, and makes you feel comfortable.  She isn’t pushy. She’s very sincere with her product.  I would highly recommend her to my family and friends.”

D. Mehlow, Fremont, OH

“If you need hearing aids, Portage Valley Hearing is the place to go!  The audiologist, Rebecca, is so knowledgeable and awesome and they have the latest in hearing aids.  The staff is great.  Also, I can hear the birds again.”

S. Beard, Pemberville, OH

“Dr. Krukemyer is caring, professional, and wants you to be comfortable with your hearing aids.  She gives more advice than others I’ve known.  She is trustworthy.  Also, Dr. Krukemyer was recommended to me by another audiologist outside her area.  Office staff is very helpful.”

C. Custer, Pemberville, OH

“Very comfortable environment, friendly, no rush in explaining everything.  Will even explain everything a second time.  Welcomes questions or problems.  Service after the sale, supply of batteries, convenient location, sincere interest in satisfaction and overall well-being.  Thank You!”

R. Hollerbach, Rossford, OH

“I was very pleased with Dr. Krukemyer and Amy.  Very pleasant and efficient.  I am getting use to my devices.  When one made my ear hurt, she knew exactly what to do about it.  When my I-phone was connected, it accomplished what I was hoping for.”

J. Dishop, Bowling Green, OH

“I always encourage people to try Portage Valley Hearing.  Dr. Krukemyer listens and takes whatever time is needed to solve any hearing problems.”

K. Fought, Gibsonburg, OH

“The hearing aids are great and the level of service is awesome.”

W. Buhrow, Elmore, OH

“It is hard to say how happy I am with my new hearing aids.  I am very pleased with the service I got and with Dr. Krukemyer.”

R. Boyer, Gibsonburg, OH

“The first morning after I got my new hearing aids we were sitting on our front porch having our morning coffee when I said, I  haven’t heard that in a long time.  I could actually hear the birds chirping.  The whole staff at Portage Valley Hearing are very knowledgeable and courteous.”

P. Keller, Perrysburg, OH

“The service at Portage Valley Hearing is above and beyond perfect quality!  Dr. Krukemyer is very concerned about the explanation of the test and does a fantastic job of explaning how the hearing aid works.  I feel as though everything at Portage Valley Hearing is perfect.”

R. Snyder, Bowling Green, OH

“If you want excellent professional service on obtaining the proper hearing aids, you need to contact Dr. Krukemyer at Portage Valley Hearing.  Portage Valley Hearing staff are always ready to service you in providing your hearing needs.  I have always been very pleased and satisfied dealing with them!”

J. Yenrick, Rossford, OH

“The audiologist’s patience impressed me and the fact that I had a bad experience before and this one was more relaxing.”  

R. Kreager, Elmore, OH

“My family doctor told me that Portage Valley Hearing was the best in Northwest Ohio and it is very obvious to me that they are!!”

M. Bretz, Findlay, OH

“These people know what they are doing.  There is no high pressure.  They are very easy to work with.  You will be very happy with them.”

B. Gottschalk, Millbury, OH

“Rebecca is making sure my hearing aids are working to my satisfaction – not out the door and forgotten.  Holly always answers phone calls promptly and in a professional manner.  Thank you, and also my family thanks you – no more having to repeat everything.”    

J. Meyer, Graytown, OH

“I highly recommend Portage Valley Hearing.  The doctor and staff were very helpful with any questions or concerns I had.  They explain everything so you understand what to expect.  They have excellent customer service.”          

K. Kehres, Wayne, OH

“I have told people that I am so glad I picked you.  You are so pleasant and helpful.  You have made my life easier because I can hear better!  I would recommend your service.”    

J. Carr, Maumee, OH

“I would tell my friends that PVH is one of the best audiologists I have come into contact with.  She is very professional and knowledgeable in her profession.  The staff was one of the friendliest and knows their jobs.”     

K. Heyman, Bowling Green, OH

“I was very satisfied with the audiologist and all staff I came in contact with.  I would highly recommend Portage Valley Hearing to all persons in need of hearing service.”       

W. Starr, Toledo, OH

“Thorough testing, explanation and professionalism.”  

D. McDonald, Oak Harbor, OH

“After 20 years of having hearing aids I can tell you now I am at ease with Dr. Krukemyer’s knowledge of hearing loss and her ability to solve problems I had with my new hearing aids.  It was a comforting feeling.  She is never too busy to try and help with problems.”          

J. Eaton, Pemberville, OH

“I would encourage a friend who has a hearing loss to contact Portage Valley Hearing.  I would tell them of my satisfaction in the product and the after care.  I would also tell them that although they seem expensive, the value for the money makes it worth the money.”      

J. Holton, Bowling Green, OH

“Dr. Rebecca Krukemyer is a knowledgeable professional who I will recommend to anyone with any level of hearing loss.  She is an excellent communicator who is concerned that each client understands and is able to use our hearing aids comfortably and correctly to gain maximum hearing.”

R. Abke, Perrysburg, OH

“You are very friendly and don’t rush me in appointments.  You are very professional and fair priced.  It is a pleasure to come to appointments.”      

C. McGowan, Fremont, OH

“Rebecca is very thorough when explaining hearing loss & what will be best for you, the patient.  The service after receiving your hearing aids is GREAT.  There is no charge.  When you walk through the door you are treated as if you are the only customer.  She takes all the time you need for adjusting your hearing aids if needed.  Very friendly – always feel welcomed by Holly when arriving.”

D. Souder, Fremont, OH

“It was a very pleasant experience.  The appointment started on time.  She explained everything in detail and asked for my input.  All the people in the office were very helpful.”   

M. Smith, Woodville, OH

“I would highly recommend you to anyone.  I have dealt with you for many years, as have other family members, and we have always been very satisfied.  Always above and beyond my expectations.” 

K. Young, Fremont, OH

“Very professional service, relaxed and personable.  I didn’t feel like I was being rushed in and out. Dr. Krukemyer was very good with explaining details concerning my hearing aids and my hearing in general.  I will definitely recommend PVH to anyone I know with hearing problems.”

L. Canterbury, Portage, OH

“I would highly recommend Portage Valley Hearing to everyone.  I have always felt the audiologist and staff were extremely knowledgeable and friendly which, of course, boosts my confidence in them.”  

M. Sesock, Genoa, OH

 “My experiences with PVH have all been positive, from the hearing exam to fitting and setting my hearing aids to the wonderful and thorough treatment afterwards.”  

S. Obermiller, Oak Harbor, OH

“Dr. Krukemyer was very patient with me as a senior citizen and made me feel very relaxed.”   

H. Housman, Perrysburg, OH

“Dr. Krukemyer is the most caring audiologist I’ve ever worked with.  She cares more about her patients than herself and is willing to take whatever time necessary to explain my new hearing aids.  The office is a clean and friendly environment and she even took the time to check in to make sure I understood everything.  I would recommend her to anyone.” 

R. Bowman, Woodville, OH

“Small Town – Home Town – Trustworthy. Not at all like large town fast talkers. You get an immediate feel of honesty. My kind of people.”

W. Bella, Oak Harbor, OH

“Portage Valley Hearing is a very good source of help with hearing problems. Dr. Krukemyer is very knowledgeable and conscientious. The business is well managed.”

M. Gerwin, Pemberville, OH

“Very accommodating, no high pressure and talked in terms I could understand, mostly.  So good to know I can stop in at any time if I need any help or have any problems.  Everyone I met was so kind and helpful.”  

P. Shanfelt, Gibsonburg, OH

“Portage Valley Hearing has a well educated audiologist that provides good service after the sale of quality products.  Dr. Krukemyer and her staff provide a friendly and pleasant atmosphere in the office.”

T. Duval, Millbury, OH

“Portage Valley Hearing is a very professional and respectable hearing aid office.  Everyone in the office makes you feel like you’re family.  Purchasing hearing aids doesn’t end at the purchase.  FREE follow-ups are a plus.  Dr. Krukemyer wants her clients to be very happy with their hearing aids.” 

B. Jackson, Pemberville, OH

“I would recommend your office because I got excellent service.  I got right in and everything was explained to my satisfaction.  I feel the price is affordable.  The after care is great also.  You were very patient and friendly.”  

M. Paetow, Woodville, OH

“Dr. Krukemyer is a professional audiologist.  She is very personable, efficient and knowledgeable about the product.  She works with you to attain your best hearing ability.  Her personality is so pleasant as well as her staff.  She provides her customers with the best service.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” 

M. Hoelter, Luckey, OH

“I would tell anyone how professional and friendly Dr. Krukemyer is.  She puts you right at ease and explains everything.”

E. Rapp, Gibsonburg, OH

 “The hearing aids are making a huge improvement in my quality of life. Dr. Krukemyer and staff are very friendly and professional. Looking forward to a long, good relationship regarding my hearing needs and so close to home.”

J. Baker, Walbridge, OH

“When I hear someone considering hearing aids I tell them I know where they should go.  Then I tell them about the helpfulness of everyone at your office.  It’s nice to be treated by people with such great compassion!”

J. Dishop, Bowling Green, OH

“Dr. Krukemyer likes what she is doing and wants to help people have a better quality of life by hearing the best possible.  Great atmosphere, with friendly people.”     

W. Houtz, Risingsun, OH

“Several of my friends recommended Portage Valley Hearing and I’m glad I listened. Service was excellent, follow-up was very helpful.”

C. Nieset, Helena, OH

“I recommend Portage Valley Hearing to anyone who needs hearing aids and tell them that I am very satisfied with PVH and my hearing aids.  In one visit you can be tested and fitted, and walk out with hearing aids to try and purchase if you like them.”

J. Sterling, North Baltimore, OH

“They are very friendly and caring.  Their prices are very good and you can tell they love people. They will take good care of you!”      

E. Schulte, Genoa, OH

“I would recommend Rebecca to anyone.  She is very pleasant to work with.  The office staff is very pleasant too.”  

S. Damron, Pemberville, OH

“You care, you are friendly, you look into the problem when there is one and you solve it.  You are knowledgeable in your work.  You care about your clients and want them to hear things again.  Thank you!”

E. Baker, Bowling Green, OH

“I was given information by my sister who recently purchased hearing aids.  She was very pleased with Dr. Krukemyer’s office.  My hearing aids were getting old and needed to be replaced.  I am very satisfied with her service and care.  I would certainly recommend her to anyone who would ask me.” 

J. LaPlante, Bowling Green, OH

 “I have been a hearing aid user for over 20 years.  At Portage Valley Hearing the entire staff is very professional and courteous.  Dr. Krukemyer showed a lot of patience in working with me.”

J. Hirzel, Pemberville, OH

“If someone has trouble hearing, I would suggest they try Portage Valley Hearing because of the good service, good testing equipment and pleasant people.”

B. Andrews, Woodville, OH

 “I am very satisfied with Rebecca and the service I get from her and her staff.  She will work with you to get you to a point that you are satisfied with your new hearing aids.  She is very professional and easy to discuss issues with.”

J. Lovell, Northwood, OH

“If you need a hearing aid, check out P.V.H. first.  I got mine there and am very well pleased with them.  I was referred to them by a friend.  I was glad that I went.  The audiologist is very well educated on this kind of stuff.”

T. Winke, Oak Harbor, OH

“If you have trouble hearing words from co-workers, loved ones, or friends, please check out PVH.  The quality of your hearing will be much improved.  You will hear those sweet, honest, and innocent words from your child or grandchild again.  PVH is professional yet very down to earth and family oriented.”       

S. Castillo, Pemberville, OH

“Don’t wait.  You don’t realize how your life will improve.”

B. Hammer, Oak Harbor, OH

“I would recommend not waiting as long as I did.  Check it out if you’re tired of not hearing people talk.  You might be surprised what you are missing especially dealing with the public and everyday life.”         

H. Grigson, Perrysburg, OH

“I like the audiologist’s professionalism, her knowledge of hearing aids and how she explains everything.  I felt very comfortable and reassured.  I can go back with any problem I might have with this product.”

J. Bee, Toledo, OH

“PVH is a very helpful office, as for my satisfaction in the fitting and the explanation of the wearing and care of my hearing aids. Dr. Krukemyer is a very knowledgeable and caring person.  The office staff is very pleasant and courteous. I would recommend them as TOP NOTCH.”    

J. Hughes, Perrysburg, OH

“Very sufficient, very personable and caring experience.  I would really recommend the hearing aids and your services to anyone I know with a hearing problem.  (*Highly recommend)”     

D. Baker, Gibsonburg, OH

“Dr. Krukemyer was very knowledgeable and patient.  This was, and continues to be, a very positive experience.  This has improved my quality of life.” 

S. Michael, Clyde, OH

“I would HIGHLY recommend PVH to all who have hearing problems.  Dr. Krukemyer and staff were very friendly and professional from the time I walked into the office to the time my office visits were complete.  I really appreciate the time that was spent with the thorough exam and the explanation of my needs.  I never once felt “rushed” and when I left the office I was confident of my decision.  I would absolutely recommend PVH!”  

L. Pauff, Tontogany, OH

“Very satisfied with service, personable, solved my problem, relaxed atmosphere, and was not pressured in any way to purchase any hearing aids.”

C. Pearce, Bowling Green, OH

“It was totally AMAZING!!!  I could actually hear the birds singing/chirping.  What surprised me the most is when I took the hearing aids out everything was muffled and dead sounding.  I couldn’t hear the birds anymore.  I love my new hearing aids because I can actually HEAR!!!”   

K. Niederkohr, Luckey, OH

“You and your staff have made this new transition in my life very comfortable and easy to adjust to.  I have found you to be very professional in your demeanor and yet very easy to understand and you care about me as a client.  Thank you.”

K. Fisher, Walbridge, OH

“Please try Portage Valley Hearing before going to any other hearing center. They are very pleasant, very professional and they explain everything from when they are testing your ears to how to use and wear your hearing-aid.”

L. Zellner, Gibsonburg, OH

“Friendly! Knowledgeable! Quick! Fair Pricing! Wouldn’t really want to go anywhere else!”

J. Chesher, Woodville, OH

“I was surprised at how thorough the exam was!  No feeling of being rushed.  Tested and retested to make absolute sure of results.  Everyone in office is very friendly.  After the first visit I felt like family.”

S. Clark, Fremont, OH

“If you have a need to improve your hearing, I would highly recommend Rebecca Krukemyer to them!  Very professional organization who puts the patient first.”

I. Bingle, Risingsun, OH

“I am very pleased by the wholeness of genuine care in all phases of learning “the why’s” and “how’s” of such a major change of my life routine.   It has been an asset for me.  Thank you for your contribution to my life.”

M. Myers, Fremont, OH

“Dr. Krukemyer wants to help every patient with their individual hearing needs.  She explains everything about the hearing aids and answers any and all questions you have.  She cares and is concerned for all patients and her staff is equally ready and willing to help any time you call with a concern.” 

R. Ferguson, Bowling Green, OH

“If you have a hearing problem, I say see the best local business with great people to work with and very good service!”

I. Faist, Fremont, OH

“Dr. Krukemyer is very knowledgeable and professional.  She made me feel very comfortable during the whole process.  She is very patient and explains everything very well.  Her staff is also very helpful.  So nice to know that I can stop in at any time if I need help or have any problems.  I would definitely recommend her to family and friends.”

J. Eisenhour, Pemberville, OH

“Dr. Krukemyer is very professional and knowledgeable about her profession and product.  Her knowledge and service is a valuable asset for Pemberville.  I just purchased my third set of hearing aids from Dr. Krukemyer over the past 20 plus years because she gives me excellent care and service when needed.”