Treatment for Tinnutus

Currently there is no cure for tinnitus. However, there are treatment options to help manage the irritation caused by the disorder. It is important to remember that everyone’s experience is different and therefore, what works for one person does not always work for another. Here are some compensatory strategies for coping with tinnitus.

Be a busybody: Focus your attention on a variety of activities that require some concentration such as house or yard work and hobbies. This will help to redirect your attention away from the tinnitus.

Silence is not always golden: In a silent surrounding tinnitus can sometime seem deafening. Background noise such as light music or television may interfere with the ear noise and provide some relief. This can also make falling asleep easier.

Diet and Exercise: Sodium and caffeine may contribute to the intensity of the noise. By cutting back on your intake of these substances, it may help diminish your perception of the tinnitus. In addition to changes in diet, adding moderate exercise to your routine not only promotes good health, it also reduces stress and improves sleep.

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