Remote Technology

Everywhere you look technology is improving and expanding and hearing aids are no exception.  The new wireless hearing instruments are designed with all of the superior hearing technology of today coupled with accessories which allow for direct audio streaming from almost anywhere.  Bluetooth compatible device such as cell phones, radios and MP3 players can be transmitted directly to both hearing aids to enable individuals to hear conversations or music directly through his/her hearing aids.  In addition, there are also remote units that allow for direct streaming from television to both hearing aids.  The complaint I hear most often from my patients’ friends and loved ones is that the television is too loud.   Even those who wear hearing instruments sometimes have trouble understanding what is being said on tv, especially if there is any background noise, so they continue to turn up the volume.  A direct streaming device allows for the television to play at a comfortable volume since the hearing aid user can listen directly through their hearing aids.  In addition, there are also remote microphones which allow individuals the ability to talk from person to person for one-on-one conversation directly through their hearing aids.    This new remote technology gives the hearing aid user the most optimal sound quality and speech clarity.

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