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Happy Friday everyone! I just wanted to wish everyone an early Happy 4th of July!  Our team here at PVH hopes that everyone has a happy and safe holiday with friends and family! Remember, we will be closed on Monday July 4th as well.

I figured, I would switch things up on the blog today. Here is a question that we tend to get a lot here in the office.

Q:  My mom got hearing aids a few months ago and its seems as though she still struggles to here what I said.  Do the hearing aids need to be turned up?

A:  Not necessarily.  Sometimes patients need to have their hearing instruments tweaked a bit before they sound just right.  However, if your mother has diminished speech clarity then the hearing instruments are not going to make her understand what you are saying.  The hearing aids will help with that to some extent but you need to remember that they are an aid.  In order to help her understand what you are saying there are a few things that will help.  First, preface what you are saying by stating her name at the beginning so that she is aware that you are speaking to her.  For example, you could say “Mom, are you going to meet Jennifer for lunch tomorrow?”.  Second, you should always face your mother when you are speaking to her.  Even those with normal hearing struggle to hear what is being said when the speaker is facing away from them. 

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