Is It Time for a Baseline Audiogram?

Is It Time for a Baseline Audiogram?

A baseline audiogram provides a reference point for future audiometric tests. This is the hearing test against which future hearing tests are compared, making it possible to determine if one’s hearing has changed, and if so how much.  Even if you don’t think you’re having a problem hearing you should not avoid getting your hearing checked.  A sudden change in hearing status is difficult to document if there are no previous audiograms for comparison. I had a patient who claimed her hearing was normal prior to an automobile accident when the airbag deployed.  Her test results indicated a moderate hearing loss.  Unfortunately, she did not have a previous hearing test to confirm that her hearing was indeed normal.  And while airbag deployment can cause hearing loss it was not possible to determine if a pre-existing hearing loss was present prior to the accident.

Other reasons for getting a baseline hearing test is because it can be used to check for problems before there are any symptoms. Screenings help to uncover problems early, when they may be easier to treat.  Your hearing is no exception. Not getting screened for a health problem doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist.  It means that you could be allowing a minor problem to turn into a much more complicated and difficult health problem.  Call us for an appointment today.  If we find a problem we’ll make the appropriate recommendations.  If test results indicate you are hearing within normal limits then you’ll have a test to use as a comparison if later you feel that you’re developing a problem.

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