Did you hear that?

Few people schedule hearing tests solely because they don’t hear environmental noises.  The biggest complaint we hear is difficulty hearing/understanding speech.  It’s interesting when patients describe the sounds they have not heard in years.  For example, Jan noticed that her keyboard makes a pecking sound when she types.  Mary Lou noticed shoes make a noise as they hit the floor.  Tom was surprised to hear his turn signal clicking.  He just thought it no longer made a sound.  Bonnie was disappointed to hear the newspaper ruffle when she turned the pages (a sound she never really missed.)  Frank joked that bathroom noises were more apparent.  The jingling of keys, ripping a check out of a checkbook, scratching a nylon jacket, clicking a ball point pen, tapping of fingernails on the desk, and breathing are just a few of the sounds that fade away when hearing loss slowly creeps up.  Come in for a hearing evaluation and a demonstration of the newest in hearing aid technology.  Find out what you are missing.

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